We’re Vicky & Phil, a pair of ‘Northerners’ from the UK, both Yorkshire born and bred. We met at the University of York, almost a decade ago, and we’ve been together ever since.

In 2013, after a few years of long distance and compromise, we decided to move to London together. During our four years in the city we pushed ourselves to take advantage of all the opportunities London had to offer, but all good things must come to an end, and in May 2017 we started to ask big questions about ‘What Next?’.

We’d both done a fair bit of travelling, and we’d always spoken as if there was a lot more left to do, but it was always ‘we’ll do it tomorrow’. Suddenly we got to a point where we couldn’t think of any more excuses – we both loved London, but it had never meant to be a forever home. The city’s fast pace is exhausting, and the housing market broken for both buyers and renters. One crazy little text message after a bad morning ‘well we could…’ was the catalyst that was needed. Within just a few days we’d given notice to our employers, landlords, broken the plan (or lack of) to out parents, and had begun to make the most of our last few weeks in London. You can read more about the move from London here.

To the total suprise (and possibly a large dose of fear) of our parents we booked a one way ticket to Bogota, Colombia. Beyond starting up this blog, we had no plan, a very small understanding of the Spanish language, and an even smaller knowledge of the South American continent.  Crazy? No, we deliverately wanted very little in the way of a plan – we had spent most of our time in London ruled by our calendars and this is our way to break that cycle and just … breathe.

Our Latin American journey lasted eight months, it took us all the way from Bogota south to the Uyuni salt flats of Bolivia, via the Ecuadorian Amazon Jungle, and then back north again, to the mountains, the beaches and the ancient temples of Mexico, via Machu Picchu and the panoramic views of Lima’s malecon.

Right now, we’re back in the UK. We recently moved to Manchester for our next chapter and we’re excited to have a whole new city and region to explore. Has our adventuring come to an end? While we admit the weather isn’t quite as nice, and it’s quite boring to have the menu in English, we’re sure it will be another chapter full of amazing new discoveries.

Clouds cleared from Machu Picchu