It was by complete chance that we came across the children’s parade to welcome Spring (primervera) in Taxco, Mexico. We were walking through the streets when we heard the music and saw the crowds. Little did we know that this would be the cutest parade we’d ever seen!

Spring is my favourite of all the seasons. It’s the time where everything begins to awaken after the cold, dark winter months. During our travels in Latin America over the last six months, we have become out of sync with the seasons. It’s because of this that the first day of Spring nearly passed us by.

We had just had a really filling breakfast of chilaquiles (a traditional Mexican dish of fried tortillas, cooked in green or red salsa until they soften), and were dragging our bodies through the winding, hilly streets of Taxco to wear off some of the food load.

Find the Children’s Spring Parade in Taxco

As we were coming in to towns main square (or zocalo), we noticed the start of the cutest parade we have ever seen! The schools around Taxco had all come together to celebrate the first day of Spring, and we couldn’t resist sharing our photos with you!

Spring in Taxco - welcome sign

“Welcome Spring”

Ladybirds in Taxco parade for spring

Even ladybirds took part!

Spring in Taxco - children with signs

A colourful variety of animals and fairies took part in the parade!

Start of Spring in Taxco - parents and children

Even the parents dressed up for the parade!

Start of Spring in Taxco - children as lions

“Lions and tigers and bears… oh my!”

Start of Spring in Taxco - cultural heritage

As well as animals and fairies, some of the children were dressed to honour their cultural heritage

A deeper meaning

The parade wasn’t just cute, the organisers had taken time to share important messages with the crowd. Children (or ladybirds, tigers, rabbits…) carried signs declaring the need to conserve water and protect the environment. Hopefully, the children are learning the crucial background to these messages in school, so that they grow up to appreciate the natural resources around them.

A sign declaring the importance of children

“Children are the most important resource in the world, and the best hope for the future”

The procession of the Spring Queens

The only part of the parade that we didn’t enjoy was the procession of the Spring Queens. We aren’t sure if it’s a competition or if there’s just a chosen girl from each school. Lots of cars went past us with children sat on the bonnet, and it mirrored a beauty pageant in many ways – the make-up, the dresses, the ‘professional’ posters that were often displayed on the cars. Sometimes it was quite obvious that the children were tied on to the car, other times we were quite worried for their safety! Maybe that’s just the British health and safety in us!!

Start of Spring in Taxco - spring queens procession

Easter parades in Taxco

Throughout the four days we stayed in Taxco we saw several parades. As well as celebrations for the start of Spring, we saw processions for the lead up to Easter. We were visiting the week before Holy Week, or Semana Santa, as it is called in Mexico. One particular demonstration we saw chronicaled the life of Jesus.

The angels visit Mary during the Spring Parade in Taxco

The angels visit Mary

The teachings of Jesus during the children's Spring Parade in Taxco

The teachings of Jesus

Easter is an important part of the Mexican calendar. The religious festival is marked all over the country, but Taxco is noted as being one of the most elaborate in its activities. At the start of Holy Week the celebrations are joyous, but they get darker towards Good Friday. On this day, a silent procession snakes through the town and some individuals perform self-flagellation (beating or whipping your own flesh) as an act of penance. Part of me is quite relieved that we had already left Taxco by this time, but many visitors, both national and international, flock to Taxco at Easter.

As you can tell, the parades and processions of Taxco vary a great deal throughout the year. No matter when you visit, you’re bound to be in for a treat in this lovely little town!

You can read more about our travels in Mexico here. Have you been to Taxco, or are you planning your own visit? Let us know in the comments below.

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